Game: teddy disco

Age: around 12 – 24 months old

Time: 1 minute to set up, around 5 for the activity

Equipment: your child’s favourite teddy, dolly or other toy with arms and legs

Have you noticed that your child seems to have a favourite song or type of music he likes to dance to?  How do you think he woukd react if his toys started “dancing” to it as well?

Grab a doll or soft toy, then either sing or put on some of your child’s favourite music and make his toys dance along – they might leap, spin around or do a Highland jig!

Your child might find this very funny and may start to join in with his own toy.

It can be a great game to use as a quick distraction for a toddler who might be getting a bit grumpy or tired.

Hope you and your family enjoy it 🙂


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