Rainy day activity: living room den

20150428_144802Age: suitable from around 12 months old and beyond

Time: 5 minutes to build, then as long as it holds you child’s attention for!

Equipment needed: cushions, blankets, scarves or throws, chairs or sofa, some stuffed toys or dollies, and anything else you might want to add

When it’s too rainy and miserable to go outside, building a den indoors  can be a fun way to give your child a different environment to play in without actually leaving the living room!

You can get as creative as you like with this, but as a base you can use the a chair or sofa as the walls of the den, then add cushions around the sides and drape throws, sheets or blankets over the top to create a roof.

You can add sparkly scarves to create a tactile door and put teddies or other soft toys inside to make the den feel more magical and inviting.

Some children, especially younger toddlers, might be a little reluctant to go inside the den, so let them explore in their own time – you can also encourage them by getting inside yourself!

Don’t leave your child unattended near lengths of material in case they become entangled or wrap them around their neck  – this is an activity to enjoy together.  🙂


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