Texture books

Age: from around  3 or 4 months old (older children will be able to get more involved in making the book, as well as enjoying looking through it afterwards)

Time: 10 minutes (or longer if you’d like to make something more complicated)

Materials needed: thick paper or card (A5 size is good), scraps of material / coloured paper, sequins, bubble wrap, non-toxic  glue, plus anything else you might have to hand)

Get all your materials ready and allow your baby, toddler or child to explore the different textures.

You can then go “freestyle” and stick things here and there all over the pages, or try to use scraps to firm shapes of things such as: a flower, simple animals, clothes, or a house.

I’d advise being wary when your younger children is playing with this as he may rip things off! For that reason, I avoided using buttons, but they would be a lovely additional for an older child who’s less likely to rip them off and put them in their mouth.

Once the book has dried, you and your child can enjoy it together by feeling the different textures,  making up stories, finding things of the same colour or shape, etc.


There was bubble wrap glued above the fish, but *someone* popped them all then ripped it off.  😉

Hope you enjoy making good your texture books!


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