Swing park slide toy racing

Age: from around 18 months old

Time: just a couple of minutes (but potentially longer if your child gets more into the game)

Needed: two or more toys which can easily go down the slide at the swing park.  Especially for older toddlers it’s a good idea to have different weighted a day sized toys so they go down at a different speed and way (eg: a small toy car / a teddy / a ball, etc)

Development: helps your child learn about movement and anticipation.  They also might find it funny if an item does something unexpected.

Make sure you bring 2 or 3 different toys next time you go to the park ( choose ones which can take a bit if a bashing!).  You can surprise your child by showing her how one of the toys goes down  the slide.  Depending on her age, you could do it again /little ones love repetition, after all),  20150515_110457or produce the other toy and ask which she thinks might go faster. If the toys are small enough (or the slide is wide), you  an try putting both down at the same time for a race.


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