8 ways to keep a toddler entertained with toilet rolls!

Age: around 18 – 24 months

Time: as little as 5 minutes, but could hold your child’s attention for much longer

Equipment: old rolls from toilet paper or kitchen roll, some tape

Development: helps develop your child’s imaginative play, playing side by side, and fine motor skills

1. Slot the smaller diameter rolls into the wider ones

2. Build a tower

3. Make binoculars or a telescope

4. Tape together some tubes to a slide for little cars or figures. Place it on top of a low table and show your child to watch as the cars slide out the bottom.

5. Roll the tubes along the ground (and let your child explore their reach under the table when the tubes inevitably roll under them!)

6. Set up 3 rolls on a low table. Hide a figure or little toy under 2 of them and let your child lift the tubes up to find them.

7. Hold a roll up to your mouth and talk through it – Let your child hear how it changes your voice.

8. Use the taped together slide as a “telephone tube” –  hold it up to your child’s ear and (quietly) say their name or sing a song. Encourage your child to talk as you hold it to your ear.

These little games are good for a rainy day when you want to show your child something different but don’t want to spend any cash. If you have time, or an older toddler who likes craft activities, you could cover the tubes in old wrapping paper / magazine pages / stickers, to make the games more colourful.  Just make sure that the rolls are all clean before playing with them! :20150625_15250020150625_15315920150625_152235


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