Autumn leaf rubbings

Age: from around 20 months up to primary school

Time: 5-10 minutes

Equipment: paper, crayons, dry leaves

Development: numeracy (counting leaves), fine motor, drawing and creating

Take a trip out with your toddler or young child to the park, garden or anywhere you’re likely to find a selection of autumn leaves.  It’s a nice opportunity to talk about the shapes and colours of the leaves and if they’re wet or dry.

Make sure  the leaves are dry before starting the leaf rubbing or the effect isn’t as good and the wet leaves can stick to the paper.

Help your child to select some leaves and one by one, place them under the paper then rub over the top with a crayon.  The effect of the shape of the leaf coming through happens quickly and can be really beautiful.

If your child enjoys it, you can experiment with  different colours of crayons and paper, or you could cut the leaf shapes out to use for homemade cards or a sticking and glueing craft idea.



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